Professional Help

Express Removal

If you’re looking for efficiency and value, 1.800Declutter offers its Express Pickup option to those in the Cincinnati area who may not need full-service junk removal.

Quick & Affordable Junk removal

Many customers do not require a large truck used in our full-service junk removal service, but they have one or two unwanted items that they simply do not know how to dispose of properly. Whatever the item may be, just move it to the garage or driveway and call 1.800Declutter (1-800-332-5888) to set up a pickup window.


Help for people that need an extra hand

A uniformed team member will come by in one of our Express Pickup vans to remove your unwanted clutter once and for all.

Some items that are ideal for our Express Pickup are:

Asset 38@2x


Asset 41@2x

Side Tables

Asset 39@2x


Asset 40@2x

TV & TV Stands

Asset 37@2x







As with all of our services, all items picked up via the Express Pickup service will be donated or recycled if possible. If not, the unwanted items will be properly disposed of in a landfill.

Get Started today

If you have more than what can be taken by our Express Pickup service vans, 1.800Declutter can offer our full-service junk removal or our DUMP-A-DUMP DUMPSTERS service. Call 1.800Declutter now to see which service works best for your specific project